Membership of the Society is open to all. The total number of members is limited as we wish to maintain both our current venue and the excellent camaraderie within the group. Usually there is a waiting list.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for application forms and current membeship rates.


These are for the calendar year and there is a spouse discount.

A pro-rata fee will be payable by those joining through the year.

Any visitor, who on attending their second tasting becomes a full member of the Society, will be entitled to a deduction in the pro-rata fee payable equivalent to a single visitor’s fee. The gross fee will be calculated taking as its base the date of the Society’s previous tasting.

There will be no additional concessions to those visitors who may have attended more than one tasting before they apply for full membership. Each new member will receive a complimentary set of six ISO tasting glasses. There will be additional charges for certain other events, such as the annual dinner, the summer party and excursions.

Members of the Society do not have the right to confer their entitlement to attend tastings upon any third party in the event that they themselves are unable to attend. Such people will be very welcome to attend in their own right, subject to payment of the appropriate fees.