Programme of Events — Archive 1996

A carefully crafted programme of tutored tastings and social events is prepared annually. Whether you are new to wine tasting or already have an in-depth knowledge of wines from around the world, our programmes should provide something to interest you.

Select a ‘vintage’ year to see what we have enjoyed.

8 January


13 January

Annual Dinner
Hotel du Vin

12 February

Richard Mayson — Consultant

11 March

Wachau — Austria’s Best
John Speller or Anthony Barnes MW — Managing Director, FWW Wines

15 April

Malcom Davies — Consultant

13 May

Buying good young wines to keep
David Peppercorn MW — Managing Director, French Wine Farmers Ltd

10 June

Current California
John McLaren — Director, Wine Institute of California

8 July

Quality wines of South Africa
Jane Hunt MW — Director, Wines of South Africa

3 August

New v Old World Chardonnays
Wine Cellars Bristol

12 August

Summer Party

16 September

Sauvignon Blancs
Christopher Tatham MW

14 October

The Big Tuscans
David Gleave MW — Managing Director, Enortia Winecellars

11 November

Rioja Dinner
John Radford — Rioja Wine Exportes Group

16 December

Swiss wines
David Rolle